Clover POS System

Clover POS System

  • Affordable Hospitality POS System
  • Small to Mid-Sized Businesses
  • Customize your Clover with apps
  • EMV Chip Cards and ApplePay
Clover POS System Dealer Dallas

ShopKeep iPad POS

ShopKeep POS System

  • Quick, Intuitive iPad POS
  • Great for Hospitality and Retail
  • Genius Analytics in Real Time
  • Free ShopKeep 24/7/365 Support
Shopkeep iPad POS System Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

Lavu iPad POS

Top Rated iPad Point of Sale

  • Affordable iPad POS System
  • Industry Specific and User Friendly
  • Free 24/7/365 Software Support
  • Onsite Demos Available
POS Lavu iPad POS System Dallas, Texas

Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing Services

  • FREE EMV Terminal Placement
  • Best Rates and Next Day Funding
  • Transparent Interchange+ Pricing
  • Local Service and Support
Merchant Services Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

Call: (469) 250-9111

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Dallas POS Systems

Dallas POS Systems specializes in point of sale systems and merchant services in the small to the medium-sized business range for restaurants, retail, bar, and service industries.  We represent multiple POS options including Clover POS, Shopkeep, POSLavu, Benseron (Bevo), and UP Solution.  We are confident to have a fit that is right for you and we would love the opportunity to discover more about your needs and help you find the right solutions.

Clover POS System bundle in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex

Clover POS System

  • Replace your Cash Register
  • Perfect for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses
  • Affordable Cloud Hospitality POS System
  • Accept EMV Chip Cards and ApplePay

Shopkeep iPad POS System in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Metroplex

Shopkeep iPad POS

  • Modern iPad Cash Register
  • Perfect for Hospitality and Retail
  • Access Sales Data on any Device, Anytime
  • Inventory & Staff Management Made Easy

POSLavu iPad POS System in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX Metroplex

POSLavu iPad POS

  • Advanced Cloud iPad POS System
  • Perfect for Small to Mid-Sized Restaurants
  • Accept Orders and Payments Tableside
  • Full Feature Restaurant POS System

Restaurant Point of Sale Systems

A fresh approach to discovering your business needs for a restaurant pos system and credit card processing services.  With so many options available for merchants, we make the decision-making process informative and fun by providing onsite demos with our pos systems. Asking the right questions, understanding your business, and finding the best merchant services is our specialty.

At Dallas POS Systems, we want to help you discover the possibilities by providing a ton of value with absolutely no annoying or high-pressure sales tactics.  You can expect fast, professional, friendly service and that’s it.  Visit our pos dealer service areas and contact us for a free demo or quote.

Benseron Bevo POS System

Benseron Bevo POS System

UP Solution Restaurant and Retail POS Terminal

UP Solution Restaurant and Retail POS Terminal

POS Systems in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas Area

Have an aging POS system or a cash register?  Need a new restaurant or retail POS systems?  Some POS systems get more expensive and more complicated all the time.  Traditional “Big Brand” pos systems in Dallas, Fort Worth, are still costing tens of thousands of dollars along with very high on-going maintenance cost and support frustrations.  And forget about learning it yourself.  You have to have an IT degree to configure a simple menu in a traditional point of sale system.  We promise it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

At Dallas POS Systems we offer our customers the future of point of sale software and POS hardware.  Our services will save you money, make life easier, and get the results you expect in a new system.

Looking for a POS in Fort Worth?  Visit our Fort Worth service page for pos systems in Fort Worth.

iPad POS Systems

We are the only POS Lavu dealer in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Metroplex.  We are premier Lavu specialists with hundreds of installs and satisfied customers.  We are now offering Shopkeep iPad point of sale.

Affordable POS System

Our local pos systems are affordable, reliable, and industry specific.  Choose from Cloud or Windows-based terminals for the best POS solution.  POSLavu pricing has changed, and is now less expensive!

Total Merchant Solutions

Integrated credit card processing to save time and streamline operations.  Transparent Interchange Plus Rates with EMV.  With our total merchant services, you’ll get a local merchant provider and support.

Dallas POS Systems Restaurant Cash Register Sales in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

Restaurant POS Systems

Take control of your restaurant with our point of sale systems.  Manage your restaurant with inventory management, employee management, and live sales figures.  Scale quickly as your restaurant grows.

Dallas POS Systems Restaurant Point of Sale in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

Fine Dining POS System

Traditional POS systems have extremely steep price tags. Our POS systems have the same functionality, and more, for a fraction of the price.  Tableside ordering, split checks, assign seats, and courses.

Merchant Services Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

Quick Service POS Systems

Cash registers are a dinosaur of the past.  The friendly, familiar interface of the iPad makes running a bakery or a deli very easy.  Our systems are simple, and training is fast.  Get a POS system Dallas.

Pizza Point of Sale System in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

Pizza Shop POS System

Make customized pizzas for your customers with our pizza builder.  Quickly add individual toppings to portions of the pizza to ensure the client gets what they ordered.  Delivery and routing system.

Dallas POS Systems Coffee Shop POS in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

Coffee Shop POS System

Configure unlimited modifiers so your customers always get the right product they ordered.  Upsell with the use of modifiers by requiring employees to offer additional products with every order.

Dallas POS Systems Bar and Nightclub Point of Sale in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

Pubs, Bars & Nightclub POS

Tableside ordering allowing servers the freedom to place orders on-the-go.  Multiple happy hour features, create customer tabs, pre-authorize credit cards, and employee management.

Retail POS Systems Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

Retails POS Systems

Various options are available for retail merchants like Harbortouch POS Systems.  Take your retail business to the next level by utilizing the latest POS software and POS hardware technology for your apparel or other retail business.

Salon POS Systems in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

Nail & Hair Salon POS

Traditional terminal and iPad point of sale options for nail salons and hair salons.  Appointment management, business management, customer management, and employee management.

EMV Chip and Pin Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

EMV Chip and Pin

Free EMV terminals for qualified customers.  Protect your client’s data and your business by placing EMV credit card terminals at your business.  EMV is the next level of security.

Why customers choose us

As merchant service providers since 2004, you'll benefit from our business and IT experience representing multiple restaurant industry specific point of sale solutions and merchant providers.

Our Benefits

  • Free EMV terminal placement for qualified customers.
  • Onsite or remote demos of our products and FREE quotes.
  • iPad Pro POS System Dallas, Fort Worth, Metroplex.
  • Choice of POS system based on industry.
  • Affordable point of sale systems to save you money.
  • The best iPad point of sale systems on the market.
  • Windows terminal and wireless based POS solutions.
  • Local service and 24/7 vendor software support.
  • For POS Systems in Houston visit Houston Restaurant Technology.


“A great POS System and excellent customer service”

“When we purchased the Division Street Diner in Arlington, Texas, we knew that we would need a POS System due to the order errors and slow processing of hand-written ticket orders.  After months of meetings with sales representatives from a long list of providers, we selected Heartland Payment Systems and Dallas POS Systems to provide us with POSLavu, the iPad POS System. We are confident that installing POS Lavu has played a major role in growing our business.”

Chris Division Street Diner

“Our customers expect the best from us in a quick and friendly atmosphere which is what Lavu allows us to accomplish.”

Daniel and Kristen Early Bird Restaurant

“The versatility of Lavu iPad POS allows Fortina to have 7 different printers; servers never have to leave their stations.”

Rob Fortina Pizza

“The Lavu system helps create a seamless experience for our customers that is low-key yet sophisticated.”

Sarah Brothers Drake Meadery & Bar

“Our tech-savvy customers expect us to have a leading edge POS solution that works well, and Lavu’s iPad-based solution not only meets the aesthetic demands of our award-winning retail stores, but also provides a responsive and intuitive platform that allows our baristas to focus on serving our coffee to our customers.”

Intelligentsia Management

“Lavu has been proven to be a great tool for my business, Rude Boy Cookies. We use it to track sales, manage our menu mix and input schedules.”

Michael Rude Boy Cookies

“Lavu’s handheld ordering devices make the service in my bar top-notch, as employees can spend more time with their guests and less time at the computers ringing things in.”

Ryan The Clubhouse Sports Grill and Bar

“I love Lavu’s hourly sales. For me this report is priceless because I am constantly monitoring them for our 3 locations.”

Vickie Squeezed Juice Bar

“It was time for our business to upgrade our POS system for 3 of our restaurants.  The customer service offered by Dallas POS Systems team of restaurant fanatics worked with our small family restaurant from offering the products they install to the actual operations of the restaurant!  The type of detail their team put into the installation of the new system exceeding our expectations.  We were able to take advance of their knowledge of restaurant operations and efficiency to make our restaurant run even more effective as it has before!  They provided us a wonderful product that is can be used easily by everyone in our 30+ employee restaurant.  Installation was simple as fast and was completed in a day’s work.  We would highly recommend Dallas POS Systems.

Martin Burrito Express


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